Genuine Ziptrak®

Buying a genuine Ziptrak® blind ensures you are receiving the original and the most advanced outdoor track guided blind system. There are many features unique to Ziptrak® that provide a system which is easy to use, low maintenance and will look great after years of use.

Ziptrak® blinds are a patent protected track guided blind system, invented in Australia. The Ziptrak® brand name is a registered trademark and is only manufactured by Ziptrak Pty. Ltd. for domestic and international distribution through a range of fabricators and retailers.

Unless the system is marked with the Ziptrak® branding, users are not receiving a genuine Ziptrak® product. When you are seeking out Ziptrak® be sure to:

  1. Ask your retailer if they sell the Ziptrak® system.
  2. Ask that your quotation and invoice include the Ziptrak® brand name.
  3. Once installed, check you’ve received the genuine Ziptrak® system by ensuring all of the parts below have the Ziptrak® marking.

How to identify a Genuine Ziptrak® Outdoor Blind